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Wish to fly

Metis is a normal boy that try to alive his high school live, but one day a secret person talk to him from back and ask:"Dont turn to me, i have just one question. DID YOU EVER WISH TO FLY? To can escape from your probelms?".......His answer change his whole life. Warning contain HL and BL !!! if you dont like BL dont read!!!


about submiting pages

Hey readers and beloved fans

i wanted write you a how i will submit pages because i will go to school again *in 3 days* i should not have so much time and maybe sometimes i wont be in mood so that mean i will update this manga story everytime i be able to that and if i wont submit long time anything dont be scared that this story died i am only dont have time but i come back and upadte it for sure C:

posted by Nesa-chan Mei @ August 29th, 2010, 6:11 am  -  0 comments

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